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Make a Splash in the Music Industry.

AudioSwim was birthed from an innate desire to be a champion for creatives.

We are a full scale label services company located in Dubai (UAE) and Philadelphia, PA (USA). We provide major label support to independent artists and record labels offering a cost effective and efficient way to upload, sell and stream music globally, while helping you cultivate an authentic fanbase.

With the music industry designed to keep artists in debt, we believe now is the right time to change the game and allow both musicians and fans to win! We have a unique platform that aims to help artists build a real fanbase while allowing fans to support their favorite independent musician as well as monetize. Not only do we ensure that artists are being paid, but we allow fans to get in on the action!

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Our platform is the outcome of understanding the music industry from all levels. We can help you and your team with every aspect of your music career. From cover art, to studio time, mixing and mastering, marketing and promotion and even funding opportunities – we have you covered. No matter if you are a music industry rookie or a seasoned vet, AudioSwim can help you in you journey! Sign up for our free 15 minute consultation.

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